PSA: It won’t end well if you drill a hole in your iPhone 7

PSA: It won’t end well if you drill a hole in your iPhone 7

The “secret hack” to making your very own earphone jack that you definitely should not attempt.
Image: TEchRax

If you’re an owner of a brand-new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, here’s a fast PSA for you: things aren’t going to end well if you attempt to make a DIY earphone jack.

Last week, YouTuber TechRax made a tongue-in-cheek video showing a “secret hack” that revives the iPhone’s earphone jack. (Spoiler: it includes a 3.5 mm drill bit.)

The video has considering that gone viral , acquiring more than 10 million views. It’s likewise absolutely phony.

However, it appears that some individuals who viewed didn’t get the real nature of the video and believed this was something that may in fact work. The remarks area is filled with worried individuals, outraged that they succumbed to the “trick.”

Of course, this has actually just made the video go more viral and highlighted a lot more giants who are providing their own “practical” ideas, consisting of microwaving and soaking their phones in warm water.

While it’s challenging to state the number of individuals have really succumbed to the video this is the Internet, after all the variety of remarks recommend that a minimum of a couple of have actually tried the “hack.” And while this is not the very first time tricksters have actually pranked iPhone owners into damaging their phones (keep in mind the scam that declared you might charge your iPhone by microwaving it ) this may be the most cringey one.

TL; DR : Do not drill a hole in your iPhone 7. It will break and individuals will make fun of you. Simply utilize the dongle .


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