Woman snorted cocaine off smartphone screen outside school, police say

Woman snorted cocaine off smartphone screen outside school, police say

She might have been on a pick-up line of her own.

A lady was detained outside a Fort Myers, Fla., intermediate school Tuesday after a constables deputy presumably identified her snorting drug off the screen of her mobile phone while her automobile was parked in the trainee pick-up line.

A Lee County constable’s deputy supposedly identified Christina Hester, 39, utilizing a charge card to slice up a white grainy compound sprayed on her phone screen in a parking lot outdoors Lexington Middle School around 3:50 p.m. Tuesday, Fox4Now.com reported.

The deputy then presumably saw Hester snort the compound through a straw, the report stated.

The deputy then brought her inside her workplace, inning accordance with the Miami Herald , and asked Hester if she had anything in her vehicle.

The lady apparently reacted that she had a bit of drugs.

Christina Hester, 39, was seen slicing up a white grainy compound on her phone screen with a charge card while her vehicle was parked in front of a school, authorities state. (Lee County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office)

The deputy waited till school termination ended and after that obtained Hesters handbag from the automobile and carried out a field test of the compound, which remained in a bag that weighed around.05 grams. The compound checked favorable for drug, authorities stated.

Hester was then without delay jailed and accuseded of belongings of drug and drug stuff.

The next day, trainees and moms and dads were left in shock and revolted after hearing of the suspect’s arrest.

“That’s insane. That’s so careless and they should not be doing that,” 12-year-old Spencer Yeager informed Fox4Now.

“It’s insane. Individuals come to school to find out and not to see individuals doing drugs in their automobiles. Like, why would anybody do that? Particularly when there’s kids of any ages here,” 13-year-old Sara Millican stated. If Hester had a kid participating in Lexington Middle School, #peeee

It was not instantly clear.

Her bond has actually been set at $6,500. Her very first court look has actually been set up for Friday.

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