What Your iPhone Case Says About The Kind Of Psycho You Are

What Your iPhone Case Says About The Kind Of Psycho You Are

Sad news for the standard amongst us, those liquid shine phone cases you most likely thought about purchasing [while intoxicated] Then understood are exceptionally ugly are obviously very unsafe. Inning accordance with an ABC report, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has actually revealed a recall on numerous designs of iPhone cases made by the business MixBin, since their enchanting shine liquid was dripping out and burning individuals. Ummwow. Who understood actually every lady who purchased a unicorn frappuccino un-ironically was likewise in belongings of such a harmful weapon? Sorry to all the Beckys of the world. I understand your neighborhood has actually been struck the hardest. Its survival of the least standard, or whatever it was that Darwin person was discussing. This entire event got us believing, if shine cases are the uniform for the fundamental, exactly what do other iPhone cases suggest? The phone case is, after all, wayyy more than simply a tool to secure your phone from water damage. It likewise informs the world specifically what does it cost? of a hot mess you are. Truthfully, dating apps must have an area where youre asked to explain your phone case and whether youre rocking an Android. It would conserve everyone a great deal of difficulty. For those of you who are questioning exactly what your phone case states about you, here is our greatly made up investigated evaluation:

Indestructible/Battery Phone Cases – The Reformed Mess

Youve been burned one a lot of times, have not you? The carefree college days of taking your naked-ass phone out to the club and returning with it shattered into a thousand pieces are lastly over, and now that your moms and dads wont spend for your replacements any longer youre somewhat older, its time to obtain severe. Possibly it was the time you put a complete stiletto through your iPhone 4, or perhaps it was the time your phone passed away and you lost everybody at Coachella, however you are maded with the near-death experiences in the meantime. Sure, your case aint adorable, however it might actually get run over by a truck (you understand due to the fact that it has actually been) and includes 3x the charge, suggesting you can take as numerous Insta stories as you desire without worry of striking 1%. Truthfully, great for you.

LuMee Case – The Selfie Freak

Your Insta fans just recently struck the thousands and you simply can not run the risk of bad lighting at this moment in your hoeism profession. We get it. Youre the woman who fills my feed with 10-20 completely lit, facetuned selfies daily, and for some factor I simply can not unfollow. Whenever you take out your phone for a picture, 15 randoms appear to hop in it due to the fact that they understand the photo will come out remarkable and get a thousand likes. In lots of methods, this case has actually become your full-time task. All the best with your life as a knock-off Kardashian. Youre doing fantastic, darling.

The Wallet Phone Case – The Mess

Phone, secrets, wallet? Yeah, thats method a lot of things. You can hardly keep in mind to obtain from bed in the early morning, not to mention keep in mind both a wallet and a phone. Nah. You have to lessen the damage you will undoubtedly do to your life on any provided weekend by combining your shit into one quickly remembered bundle. Truthfully, if you can discover a method to connect that shit to your body, perhaps by stitching it into your hair or something, that would most likely be best. When youre intoxicated and tryna be complimentary, the advantage to this way of life is that you have less shit to drag around with you. The disadvantage is that when you do undoubtedly lose this, youve lost actually your whole life. Thats likewise like, fine. Youve screwed up even worse and lived.

Personalized – The Psycho

This one heads out to the lady I saw senior year of college whose phone case was actually a bedazzled image of her own face. You believe I forgot that shit? No fucking method. Ill always remember it. In some cases I get up with a cold sweat in the middle of the night still considering the distinct set of life occasions that would lead an individual to obtain a phone case of their own damn face. Wow. Im really getting upset thinking of it. Carrying on

Graphic Cases – The One That DGAF

Congratulations, betch! Due to the fact that it has a funny/sarcastic/betchy stating on it, you do not provide a fuck to such a degree that you invested $20 on a paper-thin case that does absolutely nothing all. Truthfully, youre doing whatever. Either that, or you have no character and are utilizing the strong declaration on your phone case to mask your failure to be vibrant in your real life. In either case, we dig your design. And not even if we actually offer these cases . Thats absolutely not why. Do not stress about it. I suggest, if you desire to purchase one

Wooden/Marble/Whatever – The Real Adult

Okay. Youre stylish. We get it. You have a savings account and understand your credit history and shit. Great for you. Aren’t you fucking fancy. Enjoy your financial investments. You disgust me.

No Phone Case – The Dangerous Renegade

You reside on the edge, and it interrupts me. What kind of Patrick Bateman-ass abundant psycho are you that you can simply let your naked phone float around on the planet with absolutely nothing to safeguard it? Exactly what if you drop it? Exactly what if you stand and forget it remains in your lap and it falls on the ground? Exactly what if youre intoxicated and it falls out of your pocket while youre in the restroom and lands in the toilet? THESE THINGS CAN HAPPEN! Your devil-may-care mindset is impacting not just your life, however the life of your valuable phone. You understand exactly what, thats it. Im calling the FBI.


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