If Someone Tells You To Say Hey Siri, 108 Into Your Phone, Do Not Do It

If Someone Tells You To Say Hey Siri, 108 Into Your Phone, Do Not Do It

A wise person once said, “Don’t believe everything you see online.” Based on recent events, it’s safe to say that this statement still holds its validity.

Lately, a lot of social media users have been making posts urging other people to say the words “Hey Siri, 108″ into their iPhones. These pranksters have been telling others to do it because “it’s hilarious” or “I just found out you can three-way FaceTime.”

Unfortunately, saying those three terms into an iPhone will cause a lot more harm than good.

According tothe video below, posted on March 22, 2017, saying “Hey Siri, 108″ will immediately connect you and your phone to emergency services. The number 108 is actually the equivalent of 911 in India, which is something thatmany unsuspecting social media users wouldn’t know offhand.

The police are now getting involved, warning iPhone owners to be cautious of this dangerous prank.

“Two recent deaths in Texas have been tied to scores of hangup calls that overwhelm the 911 system, leaving callers on hold,” a reporter explains as he reads a statement from Texas police officers.

In short, saying “Hey Siri, 108″ into your phone will create anunwarranted phone callto your local 911 dispatchers, which will tie up the lines and make it harder for emergency services teams to make their way to the people that really need them.

To learn more about this social media prank and how you can avoid it, check out the footage provided by KTVIbelow.

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