Android co-founders new smartphone confirmed to run Android

Android co-founders new smartphone confirmed to run Android

The new smartphone from Andy Rubin, which will be the debut product of his new company Essential, will indeed run Android for its operating system. It looked that way from the tiny peek at the corner we got from Rubins tweet earlier this week, but now Googles Eric Schmidt has confirmed itll be one of a few phenomenal new choices for Android users coming very soon.

First of all:

But furthermore, this sounds like things between Essential and Google are very friendly, which could mean well see a new type of close collaboration evocative of the Nexus era. Google has clearly staked out its own new kind of territory with phones it builds itself, opting for a strategy competitive with what Apple and Samsung have done with their top-tier premium devices.

Also, Schmidts teaser comes on Samsung Galaxy S8 day, which seems like no accidental omen. Androids leading ranks have typically included Samsung and basically no one else, so itll be very interesting indeed if Essential is one among a few new options headed to the table.

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