iPhone 8 Rumors Say Fingerprint Scanner Might Be In A Totally Different Spot

iPhone 8 Rumors Say Fingerprint Scanner Might Be In A Totally Different Spot

Another day, another iPhone 8 rumor that I wish Apple would just confirm already.

Weve already asked ourselves: Will there be a home button? Willit even be released in September?And now, could the fingerprint scanner be in a different spot?

Today,the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office allegedly published68 new Apple patents, according to a June 13 report fromPatently Apple. Based off the new report,the Touch ID button might be moving to a familiar spot for longtime iPhone users.

You may remember (from back in your iPhone 4 days), that the powerbutton was in the upper righthand corner, rather than in its current position on the right side.

If these Patently Apple mockups are true, the power button will be returning to its former locale with a built-in scanner. All youd have to do is either touch or push the button to be granted entry into your shiny new iPhone 8.

Like manyprevious rumors, this idea is super forward-thinking and streamlined. I dont know about you, but Im definitely in favor of cutting down the number of buttons protruding from my phone, so lets hope its true.

Because similar Apple patents have been filed regarding the fingerprint scanner, its hard to know whether this latest one will actually appear on the new phone.Another possibility is the on-screen scanner that would really keep the minimalist vibes flowing.

Its also worth noting that maybe Applejust enjoysfiling patents for future projectswithout having any current uses for them.Who knows, they have us wrapped around their fingers at this point.

The tech company slide a Keynote into the world at any point to clear things up.

However, its all hearsay at this point. Nothing is confirmed besides the fact I want to preorder my iPhone 8 and will be perfectly fine scanningmy finger wherever Apple decides I need to do so.

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