Report: Trump Dumped Christie Over Phone Germs

Report: Trump Dumped Christie Over Phone Germs

Chris Christie fell completely out of Donald Trumps favor when the New Jersey governor arranged to have President Obama call Christies cellphone to congratulate Trump on election night, according to a just-released book about Trump, Steve Bannon, and the campaign. Hey, Chris, you know my fucking phone number, Trump told Christie, according to the book, Devils Bargain, by Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Joshua Green. Just give it to the president. I dont want your fucking phone. Trump, a germaphobe, was reportedly disgusted by the prospect of having Christies phone near his face. The interaction was, according to Greens book, a critical error for Christie, a former Trump insider who was subsequently fired from his role as transition chief and received no role in the administration.

The Daily Beast has not yet been able to independently verify this version of events. However, the governors office is already bashing Greens book as fiction, for which the author should be ashamed.

The account in the book is complete fiction, Christies spokesman Brian Murray told The Daily Beast in an email on Monday night. Governor Christie never spoke to President Obama on election night nor did he make any arrangements for any phone call from The White House to be placed on his cell phone for the President-elect. Finally, he had no conversation on election night as was relayed in this book with the President-elect. The author should be ashamed of himself in passing off this account as trueit is fiction.

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