Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a fantastic paradox. Its svelte regardless of its substantial 5.7-inch screen. A multitude of futuristic functions exist along with an old-timey stylus. This is a performance phone, however you can utilize it in the swimming pool. Its a specific niche gadget due to its rate and size, however it can please anybody. It’s a jack of all trades, and the master of whatever.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7



Pretty much whatever. The cam, the display screen, the VR abilities, the efficiency, the style, and the S Pen composing experience amount to the most flexible gadget you can put in your pocket.


It costs $900. Some S Pen functions might be more instinctive.

Like the exceptional S7 Edge, the 64GB Galaxy

Note 7 features an all-star part list. Its ridiculously excellent cam masters the dark. Its quad-core Snapdragon 820 chip and 4GB RAM produce alert efficiency. It can hold up against submersion in a sink loaded with water, and you can even write subaquatic notes on it. Its sufficient 3,500 mAh battery charges quick and quickly lasts a complete day. Theres a MicroSD slot, and its curved AMOLED screen is a stunner.

Thats a lot to gloss over. When it includes up to the finest Android phone on the market, particularly.

But while the Note 7 shares DNA with the S7 Edge, its more than simply a jumbo-size clone with a stylus. Most especially, the display screen has the very same 2560 1440 resolution as the Galaxy S7,however it can likewise manage HDR video from Amazon. Finding HDR material is a task, however even without it, your eyeballs will be pleased. Theres a reason that DisplayMate calls it the very best mobile phone display screen of perpetuity .

The curved screen likewise has various characteristics than the Edge. While the latter is more rounded on its corners, with a progressive slope at the edges of its screen, the Note 7 has steeper curves and a somewhat smaller sized chin. Those style aspects make it feel premium, more refined, and in some way less large than the Edge. When youre working with the stylus, they likewise let you get closer to the edges of the screen.

After a two-minute setup procedure, your peepers become your password.

Oh, and you can open this phone by taking a look at it. Its as cool as it sounds, and it works regularly. After a two-minute setup procedure the bulk which includes discovering a sweet-spot range for the scanning to work properly your peepers become your password. Youre not required to utilize the function, and youre needed to establish an unlock pattern or a PIN as a backup. You can likewise utilize the iris-scan function to safeguard delicate files in a devoted Secure Folder.

With iris-unlock allowed, the screen reveals a set of round targets for your eye-alignment, and you see a scary infrared live-view of yourself. Line your eyes up in those circles from the appropriate range (about 10 inches away), and the house screen pops open. In my tests, it worked almost each time, often opening instantly and in some cases taking a couple of seconds. If the phone was too far away from my face or my eyes were too squinty, the hold-ups took place. When my pals looked at it or when I attempted to trick it with an image of my eyes, it didnt register incorrect positives. In some way, it did When I winked or used an eyepatch, work. When youre registering your irises, #peeee

The most worrying part of the eye-scan is the prolonged caution screen that pops up. It keeps in mind that screen protectors might puzzle the scanning video cameras, which individuals who experience seizures or epilepsy might wish to prevent utilizing the function. That disclaimer page likewise points out the scanner might get deceived by glasses, contacts, or difficult lighting, although I didnt experience any issues in dark spaces.

Stylus Maven

The revamped S Pen stylus is fluid and enjoyable to compose with. The natural look of your handwriting is strengthened by 4,096 levels of level of sensitivity and results that simulate a number of sort of pencils and pens. Theres less app mess than previous Notes, as all your S Pen developments are conserved in a single Samsung Notes center. And yes, Samsung repaired the issue where the stylus gets stuck if you stick it in backwards.

You pull the stylus from its holster, and an Air Command menu turns up on the ideal edge of the screen. Its the nerve center for the stylus, and your choices surpass illustrations and notes. Equate lets you hover over text with the pen to see translations, and Magnify increases the size of parts of the screen as much as 300 percent. Look is more difficult to describe: You open an app, and Glance puts it in a little window at the bottom corner of the screen. You can expand that app window by hovering the stylus over it. Its convenient for referencing things in a web browser while making up an e-mail or text.

The stylus likewise produces GIFs of as much as 15 seconds from videos. Tap Smart Select in the Air Command menu, fire up YouTube, drag a box to frame exactly what you desire recorded, and struck a record button to transform it to a GIF. You can instantly conserve it and share it with your contacts when its caught.

Still, there is a little bit of a knowing curve with the S Pen. It took a while to find out the best ways to transform handwriting to text; you need to delve into the keyboards include settings and tap a writing-to-text icon. Mind you, the OCR worked exceptionally well. Among the Note Sevens brand-new functions the capability to pin a handwritten note to the lock screen was likewise hard to determine. A few of the S Pen functions appear implanted on, unique from the phones core UI, and the Note 7 might enhance in making its stylus applications a bit more smooth and user-friendly.

This is Samsungs very first phone to charge through USB-C, however theyve kindly made it backwards-compatible with previous Galaxy battery chargers. Consisted of in package are a Micro-USB-to-USB-C dongle, a USB-A-to-USB-C adapter, and a USB-C cable television. The brand-new adapter implies the Note 7 isn’t really suitable with older Gear VR headsets; youll requirement to purchase a brand-new headset if you desire to utilize this brand-new Note for VR.

Lets end with another paradox: Phones are so excellent nowadays, theyve ended up being boring. And $900 isn’t really small potatoes, specifically when you think about how great inexpensive mobile phones have actually ended up being. The Note 7 combines so lots of superpowers its cam, its screen, its security functions, its VR abilities, its elegant and smooth appearances that it may be worth it. At least, it makes mobile phones amazing once again.

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