8 Smartphone Food Photography Tips That’ll Make Your Inner #Foodie Shine

8 Smartphone Food Photography Tips That’ll Make Your Inner #Foodie Shine

Achieving the best food shot is frequently simpler stated than done. With aspects like dim dining establishment lighting and crowded tables working versus you, it’s simple to feel uneasy and overloaded of your food photography abilities. According to a nationwide study of 18- to 34-year-olds commissioned by UberEATS, 50 percent of individuals regularly picture their meals, however do not publish them on social media since “ they aren’t aesthetically appealing enough. ” That’s why the meal shipment app hired an expert food professional photographer and blog writer, Bella Karragiannidis, to teach a workshop in NYC about iPhone food photography suggestions (aka upping your Insta video game). I was fortunate adequate to participate in.

Here are the 8 ideas I gained from Karragiannidis throughout the informing occasion at Root &&Bone on the Lower East Side. My social networks life will never ever be the very same.

1. Tidy Your Lens

This appears easy enough, however in some cases we get captured up in the minute and forget to provide our phone cam lens a great clean prior to snapping an image. Utilize completion of your t-shirt or a microfiber fabric, and believe me — it makes a distinction.

2. Repeat Patterns

Look at exactly what’s on your table. Do you have a round cup and a round plate? Attempt staging those beside each other. The exact same would hold true for a rectangle-shaped plate and, state, a butter knife. Produce angles and shapes with your infect keep things fascinating for fans.

3. Do not Be Afraid to Add A Hand To The Shot

Macy Daniela Martin

It may look a little insane outside the lens, however including a hand into the image provides it a more natural feel. The technique, Karragiannidis stated, is utilizing “ soft hands. ” In other words, no matter how you decide to present them (holding a beverage, spooning some mac ‘ n cheese, and so on ), objective to keep your hands as relaxed-looking as possible.

4. Accept Shadows and Texture

While you may be scared of looming darkness destroying your image, Karragiannidis stated those shadows will in fact boost it. “ I’m everything about accepting the shadows … they include drama, ” she informed the group. Shadows likewise include texture and make the little information on your plate pop.

Macy Daniela Martin

5. Consider What You’re Wearing

Speaking of shadows, if you do not desire shadow appearing in the image, strategy your attire for the meal appropriately. Blacks, whites, and grays are not going to recover in the image.

If something vibrant close-by (like a vase of flowers) is developing an unusual shadow in your shot, think about obstructing it with among the previously mentioned colors. I really saw Karragiannidis hold a black lug over a vase so that somebody might take a shadow-free picture. It worked!

6. Include Lighting

While it’s constantly best to shoot in soft, natural daytime, it’s not constantly possible if you’re seated inside a dark dining establishment. For those difficult cases, have a good friend turn on their phone’s flashlight to include additional zest. Or, if you’re feeling additional, acquire an LED light like the FLII Selfie Ring Light ($ 8.95 on Amazon) so you’re constantly prepared.

Also, professional pointer: request a window seat to prevent lighting problems.

7. Discover how to Love Negative Space

Macy Daniela Martin

Naturally, we wish to focus on all the tasty information in front of us. Karragiannidis suggested versus it. She chooses pictures that provide “ space to breath ” so the audience can enjoy them more. With that in mind, integrate a little the table or a chair so that your food is the centerpiece.

8. Experiment with Editing

Yes, it’s fine to modify your images. There’s a time and a location for #nofilter, however part of excellent food photography is excellent. Karragiannidis utilized Snapseed throughout the workshop, however Adobe Lightroom is another alternative.

The objective is to experiment till you discover an appearance that resonates. Karragiannidis explained the procedure like this: “ Editing permits you to curate the image the method you saw it. Like, ‘ This is how my mind sees it.’ It provides you the opportunity to make it you.”


In any case, there are 3 things to bear in mind as you raise your abilities. Repeat after me: “ Learn, practice, and modify. ” Do those consistently (as in, anytime you’re consuming something for the ‘ gram), and you’re ensured to see outcomes.

Hello, brand-new fans!

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