These photos show we’ve now reached peak Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks

These photos show we’ve now reached peak Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks

I believe we can formally state we’ve reached peak Samsung Galaxy Note 8 .

Ahead of its anticipated launch next week, brand-new pictures of the Note 8 have appeared on China’s Weibo microblogging site. Whoever took the pictures plainly does not care about gizmo photography due to the fact that they simply recklessly photographed the phone next to a lot of cigarette butts. Since who cares at this point?

I initially ended up being mindful of the pictures on Thursday when among my fans tweeted them out:

Though the image didn’t consist of any details about the credibility of the gadget, the style matches completely with the dripped renders we’ve currently seen. More particularly, the phone has double cams and the finger print sensing unit on the back that’s much better separated from the electronic cameras.

But forget the phone, let’s take a minute to value this thing in all its magnificence cooling beside a lot of long-finished cigarettes.

Here’s another view:

Image: weibo

And one with exactly what seems beside either a branch or an incense. Hot damn, forget in fact taking a crisp picture of the important things. It’s beside a friggin’ branch. That’s method more creative than taking a look at other dripped press renders.

Image: weibo

There are more pictures of the Note 8 delicately presenting for the shooter’s potato-quality electronic camera, however does it even matter? You’ll have the ability to geek out over this gadget face to face in simply a number of days.

Samsung is anticipated to reveal the phone soon, and you’ll most likely have the ability to purchase it early next month inning accordance with numerous reports .

In all severity, the Note 8 ought to be an extremely interesting phone. From its flagship specifications (reported to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM, and 3,300 mAh battery), to its double video cameras, to its metal and glass style, the phone may have everything. The only thing is Samsung simply has to go above and beyond to make sure is that the phones are safe and will not take off.

Samsung would be ravaged if it handles to duplicate exactly what took place in 2015 when the Note 7 was remembered two times and after that terminated due to defective batteries. The Note 8 needs to be airtight, and all indications recommend Samsung will make that take place. There hasn’t been a single report of Galaxy S8 and S8+ inexplicably taking off considering that they introduced in the spring with more recent batteries that are evaluated through an 8-point security check.

With a lot currently dripped out, it’s nearly specific this is exactly what the Note 8 will appear like.

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