Your next Motorola phone could heal its own broken screen

Your next Motorola phone could heal its own broken screen

Your future Motorola phone might repair its own damaged screen.
Image: motorola

Motorola wishes to put an end to all those pricey smart device screen repair works. The business just recently looked for a patent on a phone screen that can recover its own fractures and damages.

The patent, which was submitted in February and granted recently, describes how a phone screen constructed out of shape memory polymer might recover itself. The screen would have “thermal components” in it that might identify contortions in the screen. Heat would be used to the memory polymer screen as the option to reversing the damage that has actually been done.

A brand-new Motorola patent application reveals a self-healing screen.

Image: joined states patent and hallmark workplace

According to the patent, the heat response on the polymer screen cannot assure to repair all the damages brought on by users’ awkward habits. It will repair as much as it can.

But prior to you get too fired up, bear in mind that this is simply a patent application. The patent hasn’t in fact been given to Motorola. As well as if it is, it’s not a safe bet that Motorola will ever really produce the self-healing screen. If the patent actually is authorized and producing relocations ahead on the job, #peeee

There are likewise some concerns included. How will this memory polymer look compared with the glass phone screens that we’ve ended up being familiar with. Exactly what will the cost tag on this appearance like? Not needing to take your phone in for a repair work each time you drop it could be a genuine loan saver, however is it going to cost a lot more in advance to obtain that innovation?

Whatever occurs, this appears like an action in the best instructions for cellphones. Self-healing screens might be an outright video game changer for all the uncoordinated folks out there. When your heart does not drop as your expensive phone plunges down to the concrete pathway, simply image a day. That sounds quite great.

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