Apple iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Which one is worth $1,000?

Apple iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Which one is worth $1,000?

Forget about McGregor vs. Mayweather. The iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 is the real battle of 2017, and in this case, the match is more even than anybody might ever have actually envisioned.

Let’ s take a look at this heated double round-by-round to see if we can state a winner in the $1,000 mobile phone variety. (Note: These are initial rankings. We will upgrade this post when we get our hands on Apple’ s brand-new flagship phone.)

Round 1: Design

Aside from their size, the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X have remarkably comparable styles. Both are made from metal and glass, function edge-to-edge display screens, and are geared up with dual-lens video cameras.

Screengrab by means of Jonathan Morrison/YouTube

One significant distinction is that the Galaxy Note 8 keeps its finger print sensing unit while the iPhone depends on facial acknowledgment for opening its gadget. We won’ t offer Samsung a lot of points here. While the safe and trusted authentication technique is a welcome function, we want it were placed in an area you can in fact reach.

Both phones sport a basic, acceptable style that focuses your attention on their extensive screens. There’ s very little to stated about the back of either gadget. Both phones are covered in a piece of glass and include a reasonably big cam module that houses double lenses– the iPhone X with a vertical orientation, and Galaxy Note 8 with a horizontal one.

Even though its screen awkwardly cuts the alert bar in half at the top of the screen, we’ re going to offer this round to the iPhone X for its more wieldy frame and stainless-steel construct in spite of the Note’s much better IP68 accreditation.

Winner: iPhone X

Round 2: Display

Apple did precisely what was had to stay up to date with Samsung, equipping the iPhone X with an edge-to-edge OLED display screen (one most likely provided by Samsung). The primary distinction in between these 2 phone’ s screens isn ’ t the underlying innovation however their particular size. The iPhone X includes a 5.8-inch display screen while the Note 8 is geared up with substantially bigger 6.3-inch glass.

Screengrab through Jonathan Morrison/YouTube

Other subtle distinctions are the Note 8’ s a little curved edges and the iPhone’ s awful front-facing TrueDepth electronic camera cutout. Both display screens ought to be intense, comprehensive, and abundant with precise, deep blacks and saturated colors.

We’ ll need to wait to obtain our hands on the X prior to comparing the quality of these first-class screens, however we’ ll provide this round to the Note 8 for its more natural look and pleasing curves.

Winner: Note 8

Round 3: Cameras

The Samsung vs. Apple cam war salaries on. The Galaxy Note 8’ s electronic camera is not best however wonderful. Samsung still demands amping up color saturation to borderline abnormal levels, and its vibrant variety, while great, still tracks that of the Pixel and U11.

Screengrab by means of Marques Brownlee/YouTube

That offers the X a little margin of mistake to make the most of. Apple did an excellent task at its launch occasion encouraging us that the X’ s video cameras are the finest it has actually ever launched.

Photo by means of Apple

On paper, these phone’ s electronic cameras are almost similar. They’re geared up with double 12MP lenses, both with optical image stabilization and wide-angle f/1.8 apertures on the main lens. They likewise feature elegant functions like facial acknowledgment and picture mode (called selective concentrate on the Note). You can likewise shoot video in 4K at 60 frames per second. That doesn’ t suggest the images they produce will be of equivalent quality, however it’ s difficult to choose a victor without checking them side-by-side.

Winner: Draw

Round 4: Features

Both phones included a lot of the exact same functions, consisting of facial acknowledgment with iris scanning, cordless charging, and individual assistants in Bixby and Siri .

We might continue comparing every function in Samsung’s variation of Android and iOS 11. Rather, we’ll point out the ones that make these phones stick out from anything else on the marketplace.

Screengrab by means of Marques Brownlee/YouTube

Following custom, the Note’ s highlight function is the S Pen, which lets users draw and take notes on their display screen utilizing some clever Samsung software application. It works effectively, however is still specific niche and does not, by itself, validate a substantial rate boost over the competitors. On the other hand, the iPhone X is everything about increased truth and utilizing its dual-lenses to produce futuristic AR material. We’ll need to see and wait if this winds up being a trick or a game-changer, however as we saw with Pokmon Go, the capacity exists.

We’ ll offer this round to Apple in the meantime for its more forward-thinking AR functions and since of a few of the Note 8’s mistakes, like Bixby and facial acknowledgment software application, which aren’ t all set for prime-time.

Winner: iPhone X

Round 5: Sound

I wear’ t anticipate either of these phone ’ s speakers to sound excellent considering their edge-to-edge screens take front-firing speakers from the formula. The Note 8 sounded weak in my screening, and the iPhone 8’ s bottom-firing speaker positioning isn’t really persuading. We recommend you purchase a Bluetooth speaker if you desire room-filling audio.

Screengrab through Pocketnow/YouTube

And unlike LG and Sony phones, which both consist of devoted DACs, neither Samsung or Apple do anything unique to improve the audio quality of earphones. Apple stayed in this battle, and Samsung landed the knockout blow– the iPhone X doesn’ t have an earphone jack, and the Note 8 does. Round over.

Winner: Note 8

Round 6: Battery Life

Early evaluations of the Note 8 recommend its battery life is amongst a few of the longest enduring phones out there, in spite of having a smaller sized 3,300 mAh capability than its short-term predecessor. Many customers are quickly making it through a day of medium to heavy usage, a strong, albeit unexciting outcome.

Screengrab by means of CellularProz/YouTube

We were impressed with the battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus, however it appears like the iPhone X might not reach those levels. Apple upped the battery capability in its flagship, however it’s uncertain just how much. Apple likewise stated the X needs to last 2 more hours than the iPhone 7 on a single charge, however that’s rather uncertain. The iPhone 7 was specced at 14 hours of talk time, 14 hours of web usage over Wi-Fi , and 12 hours of web usage over cellular, so we need to anticipate a minimum of that much from the iPhone X.

Finally, both phones now support Qi cordless charging, which need to make keeping the gadgets energized easier.

Again, it’ s hard to call a winner in this round, so we’ ll wait on our last evaluation.

Winner: Draw


The iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 are 2 really outstanding gadgets, representing the existing height of mobile phone hardware. As much as we’d prefer to call a conclusive winner, these 2 are merely too close on paper to make even a bulk choice. It seems like such a police out, however the reality is that your purchasing choice in between the X and Note 8 ought to boil down to whichever running system you choose: iOS 11 or Android Oreo.

Rest guaranteed, you’ ll enjoy with whichever gadget you select in this fight. That is if you’ re ready to invest $1,000 on your next mobile phone.

Decision: Draw

Editor’s note: We’ ll upgrade this short article once we get our hands on an iPhone X.

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