Review: The Samsung Galaxy S8 will make you believe in second chances

Review: The Samsung Galaxy S8 will make you believe in second chances

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 , the very first of a brand-new class of high-end flagship smart devices . Till the current unveiling of the $1,000 iPhone X , the Note 8 was the most pricey gadget on the customer market with an asking rate beginning at $930.

While the Note line will permanently be polluted by the memory of its blowing up Note 7, the current addition does practically whatever right to sidetrack you from its turbulent past. Is it worth that near four-figure asking cost? Let’ s learn.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 style

It was the Note line that introduced the “ phablet ” age at the turn of the years, soit ’ s not a surprise the Note 8 is among the biggest mainstream phones you can purchase.

The great news is that screen size is not an indicator of a gadget’ s physical footprint. That’ s thanks to the very best smart device development of 2017: edge-to-edge screen. How reliable is it? The Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are nearly the exact same size, however the Samsung’ s show is an entire 0.8 inches bigger. Have a look.

Phillip Tracy

Left to right: Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus

Don’ t get me incorrect: The Note 8 is still a substantial phone– it ’ s simply not as huge as you ’d anticipate thinking about the vastness of its beautiful screen. To offer you a concept, I have quite average-sized hands and my thumb can just reach about two-thirds up the display screen. The problem of arriving of the phone isn’ t assisted by its baguette-like shape and very narrow 18.5:9 element ratio.

The gadget’s density is plain, neither chunky nor thin, however it’s quite heavy due to the big glass-coated aluminum frame and integrated S Pen. Like almost every phone out there, the Note 8 is merely a big flat piece with rounded corners and curved edges. The very first thing I discovered when choosing it up were 2 noticable joints running along its side. They put on’ t cause pain, however it’ s shocking a phone this pricey doesn’ t have a flush surface.

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On the back is a dual-lens electronic camera setup flanked by an extremely put finger print sensing unit. Seriously, the sensing unit is far too expensive up the phone and winds up being a substantial disappointment. On top is a microSD and SIM card slot, while the bottom homes an earphone jack (yay!), USB-C port, speaker grill, and S Pen slot. The left side has a volume rocker and Bixby button (ugh) while the sleep/power button is on the.

The Galaxy Note 8 is IP68 accredited, making it resistant to dust, dirt, sand, and submersion in water approximately 5 feet.

To close, the Note 8 looks considerable, premium, and, aside from the edge-to-edge display screen, mainly dull.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen

The Note 8 includes a big 6.3-inch OLED screen at a retina-burning 2960 1440 resolution. I can with confidence state it’ s the very best mobile phone screen I ’ ve ever laid eyes on.

When compared with the LG G6’ s LCD panel– a screen I applauded previously this year — the Note 8 ’ s screen looks more brilliant with a broader series of colors, much better contrast, and greater max brightness. Simply have a look at how this Basiliscus(or Jesus Christ )lizard searches these 2 phones:

Phillip Tracy

LG G6(top)and Galaxy Note 8 at max brightness

I ended up being entranced in each of these spectacular Planet Earth-like 4K videos , losing myself in the appeal of our world as the YouTube playlist rolled on. When it was time to evaluate color range and saturation, there was just one video I had to enjoy: the strange opening series to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2– and my goodness was it marvelous. Colors popped with life, the contrast was exceptional, and every line in little Groot ’ s bark was plainly noticeable.

The Note 8 sports a comparable edge-to-edge “ Infinity ” screen as the Galaxy S8, however this time Samsung softened the edge curves to optimize the composing realty for the S Pen. The result is jaw-dropping. It must likewise be explained that Samsung, unlike Apple with the iPhone X , selected not to press the screen to the top of the gadget, so there ’ s no uncomfortable cutout.

Phillip Tracy

Incredibly, the Note 8 ’ s show brightness was determined by DisplayMate at a record 1,200 nits . Nits are a typical measurement for smart devices and TVs that determines the quantity of light that gets sent out to your eye in an offered location. That, in addition to strong contrast measurements, ought to keep the Note 8’s screen noticeable in even the brightest conditions. When coding brand-new software application functions, #peeee

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 software application

Having such a big screen at its disposal provides Samsung more versatility. One addition I discovered beneficial is called App Pair, which lets you open 2 apps at the exact same time. You can likewise turn the screen on by merely pushing where the house button typically sat. Those are simply a couple of tweaks Samsung made to Android , however fear not: The Korean giant has actually improved at keeping back and fine-tuning its software application.

Samsung has actually enhanced the user interface of its skin from previous models, eliminating the childish bubbly appearance and changing it with an expert, and attempt I state, downplayed visual.

Phillip Tracy

That takes us to the Note ’ s standout function: the S Pen. It ’ s a really helpful piece of hardware that ’ s well-implemented throughout the board. It composes well, fits comfortably in the gadget, and features some clever functions. Amongst those are LiveMessage, which turns a message into an animated GIF, and Screen Off Memo, which permits you to pin messages to your always-on display screen.

And then there’s Bixby, Samsung ’ s Siri voice assistant rival. The function requires a lot of work. In my screening, its skills varied from spot-on helpful to downright useless. To make matters worse, Samsung decided to include a Bixby hardware button on the left side of the phone (which I kept striking attempting to decrease the phone ’ s volume )and by default made it possible for a Bixby house screen that ’ s available with a single swipe from the primary page. Fortunately, the housepage can be quickly handicapped.


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  • Perhaps much more frustrating than Samsung ’ s faith in Bixby is the Note 8 ’ s launch day running system. Google is weeks away

    from launching the Pixel 2, which will work on the Android 8.0 Oreo running system, and Samsung could not discover a method to upgrade its pricey flagship gadget from 7.0 Nougat.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 efficiency

    The Note 8 flies through Android. I didn ’ t experience a single efficiency misstep throughout screening, something that can ’ t be stated about a lot of other Android phones. It never ever decreased throughout common usage, consisting of swiping through menus, bring up web internet browsers, or enjoying YouTube films .

    Phillip Tracy

    The phone is powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor, a chip Samsung ’ s been implicated of hoarding from other business. It likewise features 6GB of RAM, two times as much as the$1,000 iPhone X.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 video cameras

    Samsung updated the dual-lens 12MP electronic camera from the Note 7 by including optical image stabilization to the 2nd telephoto(zoom) lens. This ought to enhance video quality and keep low-light images in focus.

    Two lenses allow you to take basic wide-angle shots and images at 2x optical zoom. The zoom function is carried out well, with simply a single tap of the screen moving you closer to your topic.

    Images taken at both focal ranges are outstanding. Simply have a look at these Groot and”It’s so fluffy”unicorn figures. You would not think it, however these were taken in a relatively dark space with only indirect natural light.

    Phillip Tracy

    Here’s the very same image shot at 2x zoom with the double lenses.

    Phillip Tracy

    I began believing I was going too simple on the cams, so I took them to an even darker space. Once again, the f/1.7 aperture lens amazed, recording lots of light.

    Phillip Tracy

    I was likewise pleased with the Note 8’s macro capability. The flower listed below is well in focus and really in-depth. The Note 8 stopped working to precisely recreate colors. In common Samsung style, color saturation is increased to abnormal levels. This is especially apparent on reds and yellows in brilliant light.

    Phillip Tracy

    I then chose to check out the phone’s”Live Focus “function, which develops synthetic bokeh by blurring out the background of an image while keeping the foreground in focus. It’s comparable to the iPhone’s” Portrait “mode and lets you pick how fuzzy you desire the background to be. Take a look at how well it did on my colleague’s adorable doggo.

    Phillip Tracy

    Smartphone video cameras have the tendency to have a hard time when exposed to direct brilliant light, however the Note 8 does an outstanding task evaluating direct exposure. As you can see in the picture listed below, the brilliant Texas sun does not burn out the blue background. Extremely outstanding.

    Phillip Tracy

    Overall, the Note 8’s double electronic cameras are outstanding, with excellent macro capability, strong low-light efficiency, remarkable information retrieval, and truly helpful functions. I simply want Samsung would lay off the color saturation and go for more reasonable images.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 speakers

    The bottom-firing speakers on the Note 8 aren ’ t excellent, however they must be OKAY for many functions. Audio sounded tinny at high volumes, and bass, as you ’d anticipate, was non-existent. I do want the phone got a bit louder; you ’ ll have to purchase a Bluetooth speaker if you wish to fill medium-to large-sized spaces.

    Phillip Tracy

    But a minimum of you have the alternative of utilizing wired earphones. Yes, Samsung is keeping the earphone jack around. It even consisted of a set of strong AKG earphones in package.(Remember, Samsung purchased Harman, and with it, AKG.)

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery life

    I made it through a day on a single accused of medium usage regardless of the Galaxy Note 8 ’ s fairly little 3,300 mAh battery. That does not suggest you’ll get the very same outcome. Mileage will differ significantly depending upon how intense your screen is and the length of time it remains on prior to timing out. Anticipate the Note to pass away midday if you like enjoying videos at complete brightness.

    Screengrab through CellularProz/YouTube

    Still, the phone’s strong battery life is fantastic news thinking about Samsung opted to diminish the capability after exactly what occurred to the Note 8’s unfortunate predecessor. Samsung is still excusing its failures and drawing up whatever it’s done to fix the problems that pestered the Note 7. We’ll need to see and wait how the Note 8’s battery holds up gradually.

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 supports cordless charging and can charge from no to complete in about 2 hours.

    Should you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

    If Google doesn ’ t impress with its Pixel 2 in October, and you desire the best Android gadget despite rate and size, then yes, purchase the Note 8. If you do not care about its double lenses or S Pen, and desire a phone that ’ s comfy to hold and comfy on your wallet, then look somewhere else. If the Note 8’s$930 cost tag ever provides you stop briefly, you need to most likely simply decide for its really comparable brother or sister, the Galaxy S8 Plus.

    Still, the doubtful worth does not remove its title as the very best phone on the marketplace. Who understands, your mobile phone budget plan may amazingly grow when you see this gadget on your own.

    Still not exactly sure? Here’s how Note 8 accumulates vs iPhone X .

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