How ‘Black Mirror’ kinda predicted this iPhone X feature

How ‘Black Mirror’ kinda predicted this iPhone X feature

We currently understand that Charlie Brooker’s dystopian series Black Mirror is the best, horrible commentary for our tech-filled times.

But seldom has it been so well manifested than throughout Apple’s statement of “animojis” — that is, vibrant 3D emojis that simulate your face.

When you smile, frown, or sneer at the iPhone X , the gadget’s facial acknowledgment innovation can scan your face and change it into animated avatars — like the fox, the alien, and this huge stinking stack of poo:

Image: Apple

Now, if you focused on Black Mirror’s episode “The Waldo Moment” from the 2nd season ending, you may remember that it focuses on a blue, foul-mouthed bear animation character, Waldo, who comically interviews political leaders prior to spiraling out of control.

Acknowledging their prophetic powers, Black Mirror’s Twitter account merely tweeted a GIF of the “animoji” demonstration, with the saucy addition of Waldo:

The iPhone X’s brand-new facial acknowledgment hardware tracks over 50 muscle motions in your eyebrow, cheek, lips, jaw, and mouth. When combined, the motion of these various facial functions — such as the development of dimples — provides the phone the facial information it has to produce a likewise meaningful animoji.

Even creepier, animojis can talk. Now you too can have your Waldo minute.

We still have no idea when the next season of Black Mirror will premiere, however Netflix has launched a few images from 2 of the upcoming installations.

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