LG’s new phone promises to keep mosquitos from biting you

LG’s new phone promises to keep mosquitos from biting you

Forget about edge-to-edge display screens, Apple’s weird facial acknowledgment wizardry, as well as OLED panels– LG has an innovation that will permanently change the stagnant smart device market: bug spray.

The business’s brand-new K7i smart device includes “ Mosquito Away ” innovation which gives off an ultrasonic frequency at 30KHz developed to frighten those bothersome bloodsuckers. Do not stress, LG declares the frequency is not damaging to human beings which “ no damaging chemicals ” were utilized to produce the gadget. The wonderful speaker efficient in safeguarding your skin comes bundled in package so you can snap the case on and off as required.


The South Korean giant utilizes the very same innovation in its a/c, TVs, and washering, however does it in fact work? Not inning accordance with a BBC report . Bart Knols, an entomologist at the Dutch Malaria Foundation, states there is “ no clinical proof whatsoever ” that ultrasonic frequencies can frighten mosquitoes. Disappointment.

Otherwise, the phone is no world beater. It’s got a 5-inch HD display screen, 8-megapixel electronic camera, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, unnamed quad-core processor, and an outdated Android Marshmallow running system. It most likely isn’t really worth the cost of admission at Rs. 7,990, or about $120.

Then once again, if it really can frighten mosquitos, it’ s valuable.

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