Her Phone Was Low On Minutes, So She Refused To Call 911. Then Tragedy Struck.

Her Phone Was Low On Minutes, So She Refused To Call 911. Then Tragedy Struck.

While mobile phone business now use a range of endless minutes and information strategies, not everybody can manage such a high-end.

When Jessica Briones strolled into a San Antonio police headquarters with her unresponsive child, cops were left surprised by the mommy’ s choice to bring her to the station instead of taking her to a health center. With several injuries on her arms, face, and head, the four-year-old woman was hurried to the health center where she was noticable dead the really next day.

In an interview with authorities, Briones exposed that a few of the injuries were the outcome of her own errors.

She had actually inadvertently knocked the door on her child’s arm, however firmly insists that the little lady was rather awkward and fell rather regularly. The mother was mum on simply how her child had actually obtained extreme head injury.

Briones ’ choice to stop at the police headquarters instead of looking for medical aid inning accordance with the mommy was since she had actually lost her phone and was running low on pre-paid minutes, although emergency situation calls are usually complimentary.

While the main cause of death is pending, the medical inspector identified that Briones ’ child had an inflamed nose, 8 scars on her scalp, a big abrasion on the back of her head, a shiner, and a range of other injuries.

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