Alphabet plans to fly balloons over Puerto Rico to restore cell phone service

Alphabet plans to fly balloons over Puerto Rico to restore cell phone service

With Puerto Rico still reeling from Hurricane Maria , the tech neighborhood continues to discover methods to assist.

On the heels of Tesla’ s Elon Musk deal to assist fix the island’ s power issue , Alphabet , Google’ s moms and dad business, has actually been authorized by the Federal Communications Commission to fly balloons over the island that would assist change the cellular phone towers that were blown over by the cyclone.

According to Wired, Project Loon — which is explained as “ a network of balloons taking a trip on the edge of area, developed to extend Internet connection to individuals in remote and rural locations around the world”– would enable Puerto Rico homeowners to obtain voice and information service.

Alphabet will utilize 30 Loon balloons to drift more than 12 miles in the air that will assist link the island’ s cordless networks to users ’ phones. Each balloon can serve practically 2,000 square miles, and inning accordance with reports, that must suffice for service all over the island and maybe parts of the United States Virgin Islands.

As Wired explain, Alphabet utilized the balloons to offer phone service in Peru after flooding damaged the nation, however Puerto Rico may be a little harder. “ Things are a bit more complex since we’re going back to square one, ” an Alphabet representative informed Wired. “ Loon requires be incorporated with a telco partner’ s network– the balloons can ’ t do it alone.”

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