Someone’s trying to sell their iPhone X on eBay at a 5,100 percent markup

Someone’s trying to sell their iPhone X on eBay at a 5,100 percent markup

‘T is the season … to be scalping!

Just hours after Apple’s iPhone X increased for pre-order around the globe, some asshole has actually currently noted the hard-to-get-your-hands-on “all-screen” gadget for a massive $59,999 on eBay .

Screw this man. Likewise screw anybody who’s desperate and foolish sufficient to purchase it from him.

Look, I take no delight in calling anybody an asshole, however when you’re scalping an iPhone X at a 5,117 percent increase. Screw you, male.

I comprehend that it’s easy supply and need, and a few of these sellers are legally simply attempting to earn a living, and it’s simply basic organisation.

But seriously, exactly what the hell, guy?

The gadget up for sale is a 256GB design that costs $1,150. Do not be that moron who pays this absurd cost. It’s not worth it.

Image: ebay

Need another factor? The seller cannot even ensure you’ll get the iPhone X on launch day on Nov. 3. Approximated shipment time is in between Oct. 30 (difficult unless they get it early in some way) and Nov. 13. Worse, the screenshot of the pre-ordered iPhone X reveals a shipment date of Nov. 17-24.

Screw that.

On that note, do not pay markup costs at all from anywhere. You’re much better than that.

Don’t succumb to it. It’s simply a brand-new iPhone. Breathe and unwind. If you do not have one, it’s not the end of the world. And if anybody, like your loved one informs you otherwise, dispose their ass.

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