Otterbox just released Star Wars-themed phone cases

Otterbox just released Star Wars-themed phone cases

For the iPhone 7, 8, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus.
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The fight in between selecting a phone case that will secure your phone and one that’s in fact elegant is sort of like the fight in between Jedis and the Galactic Empire. OK, perhaps not as significant, however still — it’s a thing.

Otterbox desires you to have both at the very same time while showcasing your Star Wars fixation: presenting the brand name brand-new Otterbox Star Wars collection .

You’ve seen the timeless, ultra-protective Otterbox cases prior to, so we’ll spare you all the information on how terrific these dual-density, ultra-slim cases are.

Choose from 5 various graphic choices, laid out listed below.


Lord Vader

Storm Trooper

Rey and the Millenium Falcon on Ach-To

And the ever identifiable Star Wars logo design

Or get all 5 and change them out every day of the week — that’s exactly what a devoted member of the Resistance would do. (Disclaimer: They are not lightsaber or ion blaster evidence.)

All styles are offered for the iPhone 7 and 8 ($44.95) and 7 Plus and 8 Plus ($54.95). Get your hands on them here .

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