Tech Q&A: Spy cams, iPhone batteries, Alexa commands and more

Tech Q&A: Spy cams, iPhone batteries, Alexa commands and more

Want to know about spy cams, iPhone battery performance and the coolest Alexa commands? Then read this column.

Clever Spy Cams

Q: I know you can buy a smoke detector that is also a spy cam. Can you tell me what other household objects might be spy cams?

A: When I hear “spy cam,” I often think of James Bond movies. There’s always the scene where 007 has to meet up with “Q,” the savvy technician with an affinity for weird devices. But even Ian Fleming’s hyperactive imagination wouldn’t have dreamed up a bottle of shower gel that doubles as a secret camera. This little item exists, and it not only contains shower gel in the upper half, but the whole thing is waterproof. Click here for 10 types of spy cams that could be watching you right now.

Amazon Expenditures

Q: My wife gets a box from Amazon almost every single day. I would like to know how much my wife spent on last year. I can’t find this in her order history settings.

A: There’s a downside to digital commerce: We often lose track of how much we’re spending, and then we’re surprised by the tabs we rack up. There are ways to find out the total sum, even for shared accounts. It involves downloading a file and analyzing it. From there, you can figure out how to curb compulsive shopping in the future. Click here to find out how much you or your wife has spent on Amazon.

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