BlackBerry starts hyping up Key 2 smartphone on Twitter

BlackBerry starts hyping up Key 2 smartphone on Twitter

The BlackBerry KEYone was the ultimate anti-smartphone.
Image: lili sams/mashable

Alright, try not to giggle too hard: A new BlackBerry is coming.

In a post on Twitter, BlackBerry announced that its next smartphone, the “Key 2,” will be unveiled on June 7 at 10 a.m. ET in New York.

BlackBerry shared the tweet in the most millennial (are they courting hip young kids again?!) way possible: with emoji. 

Beyond the “An Icon Reborn” message and the name of the device, the post doesn’t reveal any other details.

However, putting on our detective hats, we can piece together a few things. First, the Key is almost definitely a successor to last year’s KeyOne

The KeyOne was surprisingly refreshing because it felt like the anti-smartphone. As the guy who reviewed the phone for Mashable, I was pretty impressed.

It’s chunky, but sleek. It has a physical QWERTY keyboard at a time when no other phone maker includes one on their devices. The camera is pretty good (for a BlackBerry), battery life is solid, and it runs full Android. 

How can the Key 2 improve on the KEYone? Well, the specs need to be upgraded and dual cameras would be a welcome addition.

Oh, whoa, what’s this? This is the internet and there are already leaks that might show us what the Key 2 looks like before the announcement next month? Of course there are.

TENAA, the Chinese regulatory organization that provides certification for devices before they’re sold, posted several images of what appears to be the Key 2:

Is that a bigger screen?

Image: Tenaa

Are dual cameras coming to the Key 2?

Image: tenaa

The images also match up with several other leaks. Purported images of the Key 2 were posted to Slashleaks:

Now with more texture.

Image: slashleaks

And, finally, a close-up shot of the keyboard was posted to CrackBerry forums:

Who still loves them a keyboard?

Image: crackberry

So, yeah, the BlackBerry Key 2 is coming. Any questions? Let’s be real, it’s probably going to be a decent phone, but do you really need a QWERTY keyboard? Does anyone really want it in 2018? We shall see.

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